Welcome Back to LOTRO March 25th through March 29th

Welcome Back Week from March 25th through March 29th. You do not need to reactivate your account to participate in the Welcome Back Weekend. Your account will automatically be enabled for the event. If your account does not seem to have been reactivated, please try again in a hour or two. It may take time for our servers to update your status.

Some of the new updates you may notice when you come back for the free LOTRO weekend include:

  • Volume I Epic Story Revised – the Volume I epic story has been updated to be more solo friendly.
  • New Skirmish System – Get action on demand with this innovative new system for 1 to 12 players.***
  • Skirmish Duo Mode – Join up with a friend and check out the new two-person mode for most Skirmishes.
  • Crafting Update – Enhanced functionality for Jewellers and Cooks, new recipes for Farmers, and new class items for Woodworkers and Weaponsmiths.
  • New Stables Masters – Stablemasters have been added in The North Downs and The Misty Mountains to make questing in those areas more accessible.
  • New Friends List Function – Players may now add notes to their friend and ignore lists!
  • Spring Festival

Need a copy of the LOTRO game client? Click here to get started!

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