Warner Bros announced the acquisition of Turbine – what this means to players?

After the big "Warner Bros - Turbine" announcement many of you have asked what this means for your game experience?

The simple answer is that we don’t expect much to change for the foreseeable future. We remain committed to each of our games as we move forward. This change in corporate ownership is not expected to affect our current product portfolio. We’re still the company that brings you AC, DDO, and LOTRO.

Most importantly, not only do we remain fully committed to our core franchises but will seek to grow them aggressively going forward. We’re looking forward to putting our newfound muscle behind your favorite games as we grow into our new role within the WB family of companies.

Overall, this change is a great thing for Turbine. We’re excited for the future of our games and we hope you’ll share the excitement with us in the months and years ahead.


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