Volume II Book 7 Patch 2 Release Notes

Volume II Book 7 Patch 2 is currently scheduled for next week. We’ll announce the exact date and downtime as soon as the schedule is firm. The following release notes cover what is included in Volume II Book 7 Patch 2


  • The Quest Guide system is now out of Beta! The system will automatically be turned on for all players by default. If you would not like to use the system, you can toggle the system off in the options panel under the UI settings page.

Quests and Epic Story

  • If you had Volume II, Book 2, Chapter 4, 'Enemies in the Ever Dark' underway in your quest journal, it has been removed to correct an issue with the quest automatically completing before you return to the bestower.

Raids and Instances

  • The Strange Happenings raid is once again available. Turtle is back on the menu!
  • We have made a number of changes to the resource instances. This required they be versioned. If you currently have these underway they will be removed from your quest journal during the update.
  • "Kill Boss" quests must be underway in order to enter their associated instances.
  • "Kill Boss" quests can no longer be cancelled.
  • "Kill Boss" quests now have a 1 hour failure timer attached. If the quest fails, there is a 2 hour retry cooldown before you can accept the quest again.
  • All “Kill 20” and “Collect” quests now require the appropriate “Kill Boss” quest to be active in your quest journal before they are made available.
  • “Kill Boss” quests are exclusive and players will only be able to have one of the six active at any given time.


  • Several changes have been made to address server performance and stability.


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