Volume 2, Book 8 Upcoming content

Book 8 is knocking on our door. Last week we wrote about GUARDIAN BOOK 8 CORRECTIONS and today there are some new information from Turbine's conference call:

  • According to Jeffrey Steefel, the new Book 8 content patch will bring players many new small party-based instances.
  • Later on in the year, players will get the opportunity to explore deeper into the southern Mirkwood area, focusing mainly on the city of Dol Guldur.
  • Southern Mirkwood is not the only new area content coming this year.
  • The Dwarves and Elves were asked to come back to Moria because of an "unrest" that is happening within the mines. A return to Khazad-dum!
  • A major game mechanic being introduced later this year will be known as Skirmishes.They're described as dynamic instances that are aware of the party's size, and they respond accordingly, in relation to how big or small the party is. They are also repeatable, and will have multiple objectives that will give you enough incentive to do them multiple times with different sized groups.
  • Plus, customizable soldiers that you can train and bring into these skirmishes.
  • The level cap will increase by year's end,
  • New Summer Festival will be coming with Book 8.
  • Book 8 comes in June 2009


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