Variety of LotRO news

Golden Joystick awards are upon us. For the US crowds out there - this is one of the more prestigious game award shows here in Europe. Lord of the Rings Online has been nominated in 5 categories this year - best MMORPG and best video game being some of those categories - so show your support and place your vote for LotRO at

The official sites have added several new articles about characters and places of Middle Earth. Check out Scary and Boromir  .

The EU forums have the new Dev Corner thread open for submissions - The topic this month is crafting. had a chat with Jeffrey Steefel about what's up with LotRO as of lately. They discuss the number of subscribers (no actual numbers were disclosed), mounts and possible improvements (no actual info was disclosed) and Session play (ah yes the ever inspirational chicken - ehrem - session play). Check out the full telephone interview here.

The best official news I left for last. There's an in-game Cloak Designing contest in progress! This contest begins on August 7th, 2007. Submissions will be accepted until midnight GMT on September 4th, 2007. Bellow you will find what the cloak template looks like and for more details and a full resolution picture go to the link provided above.

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