Upcoming Lotro Radiance Barter Changes – the Medallions

The new shiny barter token - the Medallions, are used for bartering for your radiance pieces and some extra Legendary Item augmentations!  Medallions will be replacing most of the tokens that you’ve seen since Moria.  There will be unique Medallions for each cluster of instances that we release. 

There will be new npcs at the Twenty-first Hall and Caras Galadhon near the class trainers that will exchange those old crusty tokens for new shiny medallions!  These Barter Exchange Traders will also hold all the Legendary Item goodies.

Currently there will be two for the live content you guys are playing: the Medallion of Moria and the Medallion of Lothlorien.  The Medallions will drop off of every boss monster in level 58+ instances.  This means that killing boss one in Forges of Khazad-Dum will drop Medallions for everyone in the party.  (Note: Make sure you all loot the chest!). Players can use Medallions to trade for same things they were trading for — namely the Challenge sets, the other dungeon sets, and relics and Legendary Item XP.

Currently the Medallions of Moria will drop in: Grand Stairs, Forges, Sixteenth Hall, Fil Ghashan, Skumfil, and Dark Delvings.  The Medallions of Lothlorien will drop in Waterworks, Halls of Crafting, and Hall of Mirrors. Future instances will drop a new Medallion.

Doing the Challenges will gain you more Medallions!  In addition to this, we are going to be adding in some items to Challenges at a very low percentage drop.  This means you’ll have a chance of getting something special. Finally, we are fixing it so there are new Challenge quests that work while you are inside the instances only and are on a daily retry timer. 


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