Upcoming Changes to Lotro Champions

Dear Champions, while we are waiting for official information about changes to Champion class, take a look at a little sneak peek posted today by Orion:

When I roll around in Fervour I feel pretty darn good about myself. I deal a ton of damage and I can survive against multiple mobs. Some of my emergency buttons diminish me for a short time, but overall I am pretty solid when I am in Fervour. The healing things is kinda negligible and certainly diminished with the right legacies, so overall Fervour makes me feel like what my class is supposed to be: a brutally effective damage dealing, plate, wearing carnage machine.
When I am in Glory, I lose 15% of my damage. Okay, what is the justification? Survivability? Hrm... I get to use a shield. Hey, look, I'm a guardian with less ability to tank and my game play is kinda boring. Overall, in Glory, my game play is slightly diminished and I don't really gain anything other better damage reduction and funny looks from the Champs who roll as tanks in Fervour.
When I am in Ardour, which actually does happen, I deal less damage than Fervour, but at least I am not damage gimped like Glory. I can avoid some critical hits, but my parry and evade are lowered from Glory, and I am fighting more targets typically...because, harumph; why am I in Ardour again? Overall, it's easy to pick on Ardour because it really doesn't have a niche role.
So the changes are to clearly define the role of each stance and provide three distinct play styles, leaving the preferred play style as unaffected as possible. Secondarily, make the other play styles into things that are fun and interesting on their own with engaging game play that provides players with baseline competence in the stance and with a little effort a clearer path to expertise.



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