Turbine teams up with Xfire

Turbine has teamed up with Xfire to offer players great prizes for playing The Lord of the Rings Online (Full Game or Free Trial) and joining the Official Xfire LOTRO Clan while signed into Xfire from January 28th to February 11th! 30 winners will be chosen.

Do you have to log 50 hours in LOTRO between now and the end of the contest to be eligible for the Grand Prize, or will past hours count?
You need to log the 50 hours between today and the end of the promotion. We contacted Xfire and got the guild problem straightened out. They do cap out at 300, at which time a new one will form. Now that they realize how quick you guys are, they've made some adjustments to handle the rate. So, if you tried to join earlier, please try again now. Even if you weren't able to join earlier, any hours you logged today still count, so no worries.

What is happening is Xfire has a 300 person limit per clan. We filled one clan in a matter of hours. They are blocking out new clans for us as each fills up. So everyone should be able to get in. One note, the Xfire people are only human. Their clan/guild system requires the clan/guild leader to manually approve all applicants. So it can sometimes take a couple of hours to get in. The Xfire staff have assured us that everyone's hours will count for the full term of the promotion as long as you've registered, applied for the official lotro guild, and logged in to Xfire and played LOTRO. Unfortunately your previous hours (before today) don't apply.

30 winners will be chosen to receive great prizes based on the following categories:
Gold Level Prizes (10): More than 50 hours:
6-Month Subscription to The Lord of the Rings Online
Moria T-shirt
In-Game Mount (Bree Horse)
Silver Level Prize (10): 16 to 50 Hours
3-Month Subscription to The Lord of the Rings Online
LOTRO T-shirt
Bronze Prize (10): 1 to 15 Hours
30-Day The Lord of the Rings Online Subscription
Xfire is the ultimate tool for any PC gamer. It combines instant messaging, a server browser, peer-to-peer file downloads, in-game messaging, screenshot and video capture and one of the most active gaming communities in the world into a small, simple package. Best of all, it's free!
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