The Great Hobbit Rescue Lotro Quest

Haunted Hobbit Cellar is the new event added to the Fall festival. It consists of several quests and you can only have one quest at a time. The quests are repeatable daily and each of them has a reward 3 Fall Festival Tokens.

So if you have any trouble with the great hobbit rescue quest, click on the screenshot for the locations of the Scared Hobbits.

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4 Responses to The Great Hobbit Rescue Lotro Quest

  1. avatar DjDead says:

    is this quest only in the U.S. servers?? coz in EU cant find it… :S

  2. I just finished the Haunted Burrow! I’m planning on making a map for those who find some of the twists and turns a bit confusing, or possibly dizzying. 😛

  3. avatar Silriel says:

    Unfortunately Codemasters announced that the Fall Festival does not include the Haunted Cellar, because this event is part of F2P

    “When Free to Play arrives in Europe there will be even more fun to be had with new events, like the scary Haunted Barrow by the Party Tree in the Shire.”

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