Sushi, Turbine and LOGIN

Meghan "Patience" Rodberg, Online Community Manager for Turbine was interviewed by Tamat,  ZAM Administrator, on LOGIN Conference in Seattle last week.

Volume II Book 8 is coming in June, and players will return to Moria. Book 8 will bring new raids, including a 12-man. We're also overhauling the crafting system - its two years old now so we're going back and making it a little more thematic and a little friendlier. Right now you might get a crit item in loot and it'll just say "this item can be used in crafting!" but you have no idea which profession it can be used by, and you have no idea at which tier it can be used. Now each profession is going to have one crit item for a tier and when you mouse-over it, it will say what that item is used for. We'll be adding some of the level 60 recipes everyone's been asking for, too.The summer festival will be back! Festivals are a lot of fun, I think everybody likes those. The Inn League quests are huge with the players.

Later this year we go into Southern Mirkwood, to the city of Dol Guldur and we'll be increasing the level cap, which is big news for our level 60 players! I've seen some of what they're doing with Mirkwood and it's going to be awesome - it's dark and gloomy and scary like it should be.

For example, Rohan in an expansion - that's a huge area. Or Minas Tirith! That also brings up new mechanics you know, you'd have to ask "are we going to have mounted combat?" Well, when we go to Rohan, it makes sense.

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