Summer Festival – An update

We're pleased to announce that all of the Summer Festival content will open on Monday 18th for your enjoyment.

We initially elected to disable some of the events in the Summer Festival due to several issues that were discovered during testing. Working with Turbine, we chose to take the "wait and see" approach to gauge the effect of these bugs on their live service.

We have now reviewed the impact and have made the decision that the severity of the known issues, (see below for list of known issues) is not sufficient to prevent us from opening these events up.

We apologise for the wait, but felt it was prudent to see how the player experience would be impacted before taking any risks.

In light of the time players have not been able to enjoy the Summer Festival, we will be extending the festival period by just over two weeks. The festival will now close on September 4th.


Known Issues:

  • Horse race issues:
    • The Shire Derby race is lacking a starting barrier
    • The festival horse that is won in the event cannot be traded
  • Dance emotes acquired from the festival dance events have an issue with the looping animation
  • Some NPCs have acquired the talent of levitation
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