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As some of you may have noticed we are getting ready to do something new here on The new epic comic series is about to get launched. The obligations are many and we want to make this as good as we can so once we start please spread the word and come by our forums to tell us whether you like the way story goes or not. For those of you that haven't noticed - we released the Great Barrows instance guide.  Beleglin and me finally managed to get a group and Azimov came to rescue as the high level member of the party so the run was easy and we could make a lot of screenshots to make the best great barrows instance map we could. We actually made some progress in our leveling lately so we'll be bringing you more instance and Epic Book walkthroughs in the future. The game is more interesting every day and at this point I am eagerly awaiting every free moment I can spend on doing quests and leveling. North dawns really bought me - the best area so far and I took a peek at Evendim and I was mesmerized by the first few quests and areas. We've also discovered the Auction house. So far we couldn't craft a single item that was really in demand, but by reaching expert in metalsmith and with some Auction House trading we managed to make some profit - first time for everything I guess :).

Summer vacations seem to have slowed down community activity so not many news to report on.

I'll start with interesting topics I came across while browsing the US forum. Those guys really know how to have fun 🙂

- Level 23 and I HATE this game - another topic by TheStormKing - the ultimate whining LotRO player (check his other work on the forums as well)
- Rejected Cloak designs - some cloak designs that didn't make the cut in the last competition
- Pugs where a problem for Gandalf also...

Lettuce was kind enough to inform us that started its life and is in beta stage. The purpose of the site is to catalogue, and host (where possible) videos and movies created in LotRO. LotroLife welcomes another community site to the scene. May your visits be plentiful and may you not be plagued by gold selling freaks. Concerning which...

There is another LotRO site dedicated to LotRO movies. I will not name it here because I always believed it was a gold sellers front rather than a legitimate fansite. If I'm wrong I apologize sincerely. In post-WoW era gold sellers have become quite sneaky. Backed now by substantial profits from WoW gold selling they were prepared for LotRO so there are almost just as many fake sites that are used to advertise gold sellers as there are genuine fansites. The reason for my enmity towards these businesses lies in the fact that one of those sites recently stole half the articles from our site and posted it on their gold selling portal without asking or permission. Now we have to hire a lawyer and send an official complaint to Google and their hosting provider so they remove the stolen material, which takes time and resources. We're not the first nor the last that had this happen to them, but man is it annoying. In any case, we had to implement some forms of protection against theft. If you are a legitimate fansite or kinship site and you want to use our pictures or texts on your site please do let us know and we'll put you on our whitelist.

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