Release Notes Book 14 Patch 1

Quests / Instances

  • We have addressed an issue in Book 14: Chapter 1, where 2 or more players using the same chest at the same time caused the door to the lower section of the instance to open early.
  • The White-hand Half-orcs and Dunlendings in the Book 14: Chapter 6 instance will no longer become NPCs if they happen to fall out of combat.
  • We have taken steps to address some of the issues reported with the Helchgam fight in Carn Dûm. Helchgam will now be able to use more of his attacks while you are hidden behind pillars in the room, while the room's reset has been modified to be more thorough and reset more elements in the room.
  • We have reduced the retry timer on the Battle quests in Angmar from 6.5 days to 2.5 days. Characters who have already completed those quests and are waiting for their timer to expire will have to wait the full 6.5 days. However, the next time that character completes the quest, they will only have to wait the new 2.5 day retry timer.
    • Due to the reduction in the retry timer on the Battle quests, we have slightly increased the costs of the rewards purchased through the quests. For instance, an item that previously cost 1 Rhunendin ribbon, 1 Rammas Deluon ribbon and 3 silver coins now costs 1 Rhunendin ribbon, 2 Rammas Deluon ribbons and 3 silver coins.


  • We have updated the following deeds to address issues players have experienced with them. Due to the changes made to these deeds, any progress made in uncompleted deeds will be lost (please accept our apologies!). To restart these deeds, simply kill monsters in the areas targeted by these deeds and they should restart. Note that if your character has completed these deeds, your character will not be affected by this change.
    • Markers of the Sunken City
    • Lore of the Enemy
    • Marching Orders
    • Plans of War
  • We have addressed an issue in the Annúminas Tombs where cave-claws in one of the "sub-tombs" would become unattackable for a short period of time following the death of the Arnorian Knight.
  • We have boosted the amount of time players have to finish the daily quests that go into the Gardens and Tomb instances of Annúminas. Instead of having 5 minutes to complete those quests after the boss's death, players will now have 15 minutes.

Monster Play

  • The Weaver's Lie in Wait skill has had its root aura removed, due to an issue where the root would affect group mates.
  • /liedown and /faint will no longer cause Monster Player characters to tilt.


  • If the master looter logs off or goes linkdead with outstanding item assignments, those assignments will be canceled and the items opened up for free-for-all looting for the group.
  • If the master looter cancels an item assignment, the item will be opened up for free-for-all looting for the group.
  • Players who log out or go linkdead with outstanding roll requests will now automatically pass.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when starting up the game in fullscreen mode.
  • The Captain Skill Noble's Mark has received an additional increase in damage.
  • Crafting (Metalsmith): Fixed an issue where metalsmith tool recipes for tiers 2 through 5 were dropping at a very low frequency. In general, Metalsmith tool recipes should now be found more often in treasure.
  • The Tavern League Reputation rewards for some quests has been increased. Anyone who previously completed the quests will be updated to the correct amount of reputation.
  • A range of fixes has been applied to the scaling and orientation of instruments during combat and music playing.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some dance emotes, particularly the new ones, to use the same animation.
  • You can once again search for auctions with spaces or dashes in their names.
  • The blanket on the summer festival horse was oversaturated and has been toned down.
  • The summer festival music boxes should now work properly.
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