Patch Notes: June 21, 2007

Following are the patch notes for the June 21 patch released in the US - EU people should expect it as soon as localization has been finished:


* Fellowship members will no longer hear a sound when entering Tale of Heroism effect area.
* Fixed the problem with F12 hiding the mini vitals but never showing them again.
* The pages needed for the Legendary Captain Deed, "The Candle's Flame," can now be found in the game world.
* The new crafting icon background has been fixed and should no longer cause eyeballs to bleed.
* It is no longer possible to mail items directly from your Vault.
* The "Earring of Discovery" and "Hunter's Eye" now both give a +1% bonus to Ranged Critical Chance.
* The Krahjarn Felarrow guards assigned to protect the captured rally points of monster players are meant to be fearsome, not fearful. Now, they are immune to effects which make them run in fear.
* Armour Rend effects are no longer permanent.
* War-cloak of Isildur now has an out of combat morale regeneration bonus.


* Changed the behavior of the Kergrim Elite Masters in the Tomb of Elendil so they can no longer break the fight with Nornagol.
* The quest arc which begins with “Hewing the Wood,” created for the Shores of Evendim, is now available to players.
* Fixed an issue in the instance Barad Gúlaran in which Múlvuirë, High Sorceress, could enter a broken state and block the player from completing the instance.
* The Knight of Mordirith needed for the Book 9, Chapter 6 - "Journey to Esteldin" quest will now respawn correctly after he is killed.

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One Response to Patch Notes: June 21, 2007

  1. avatar Azimov says:

    [* The new crafting icon background has been fixed and should no longer cause eyeballs to bleed.]
    Yay there is a god, or someone at Turbine who realised just how fugly they were!
    No mention of captains heralds being sorted out though :/