New Epic comic is up

LOTRO preorder cloak epic comicTurbine has made a lot of purchasing options for LOTRO at the very start. If I was to name all of them this page probably wouldn't be enough. When you add to that the preorder options European Codemasters offered you can imagine that there were some confused faces among the player community. What seemed to be a common denominator for all "special" preorders/packages/editions was that you get an in game item as a gift. I think in most cases (both in EU and US) you got some type of cloak with a very nicely designed pattern on it. This was to be a feature that would make you distinctive from the non-pre-ordering crowd. Things in Europe got a bit strange though. Everyone that bought a special pre order pack got to start the game some 10 days ahead of everyone else and got this beautiful cloak as a bonus. First day of servers going live people were lining up to go to Middle Earth and soon we were all questing and sending woohooos in the OOC chat. What happened though is that everyone ... was ... wearing ... the ... same ... cloak. And this is the topic of our new Epic comic. (sorry for the long introduction...).

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