New LOTRO Store Sales

lotro store sale

During the next few days (August 26th - September 1st) Turbine is offering new Store Sales:

  • Shared Storage 476TP - 796TP
    Share items among your characters on the same server!
    Easily manage shared items!
    Start with 20 slots; up to 80 extra slots available.
    Filter and search for items by name!
  • Vault Upgrades 156TP - 716TP
    Store and organize your character's items!
    Increase your number of vault storage slots by 15 per Vault Upgrade; up to 150 slots available (every character receives a 30-item vault for free).
    Filter and search for items by name!
  • Inventory Bags 396TP (Free for VIP)
    Increase the amount your character can carry. Unlock a 4th and 5th Inventory Bag for all characters on your account - an extra 15 slots each!

  • Currency Cap 316TP (Free for VIP)
    Carry unlimited gold!
    Remove the restriction on currency from all current and future characters created on your account!
    Allows you to buy a Deluxe house, which grants even more storage!



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