Name new Lotro Servers

This fall with F2P Lotro model, new features and a new region, Turbine will also be adding new servers! We still don't know how many new servers will be added but with the current poll choices (13 names) there must be more than two. As we can see the new servers names will be a break from the current name pattern. New options for servers names are locations in the Middle-Earth world while this wasn't a case with more than a half of the live servers. Unfortunately players don't have a chance to suggest new names 🙂

This fall many exciting changes are coming to The Lord of the Rings Online. In addition to new features and a new region, we’ll also be adding new servers! Choosing a server can be an important part of your LOTRO experience and the name of your chosen server is an important consideration. So we’re asking you to help us name our newest servers!

We’ve assembled a list of names to choose from. Simply cast your vote for your favorite and we’ll refer to the community selections as we name our new servers. Make your choice quickly! You only have until Friday, July 23, 2010 at 5:00PM Eastern (-4 GMT) to cast your vote!


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