Multiple Outputs for Lotro Crafters

What's a multiple output you ask? Starting with the Malledhrim reputation recipes (and likely going forward), there will be an option for a single recipe to produce multiple variations of a given item. A new button on the crafting panel will cycle through these options on click, and each variation has a normal and a crit version. What's more, each version focuses on a different set of stats, in tune for different class needs.

For instance, there's a medium set with the usual Agi boost. There's also one with Will/Fate. There's a sword that has one appearance, +21 Fate, and Beleriand damage. There's also a variation of it that has another appearance, +21 Agi, and Westernesse damage. This pattern carries on through weapons, armor, and jewelry.

Overall, the stats are only one or two points better than the critted Galadhrim items, while lacking some bonuses (such as the intermittant weakness to Beleriand). However, as of last check, they were reusable recipes, and did not require flakes, making for an alternative route to comparable equipment.

Here's an example. This is all from -one- recipe.

Golden Host Coat

Mirkwood Armor

Once again great info and screenshots by Jadzi

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