Meet your community team

Clover, Frelorn, Patience, Sapience, Tarrant, Tolero

You'll find Tarrant and Tolero primarily on the DDO forums with Tarrant popping up here to address specific things and Tolero steps up to handle things when we need her as well.

Frelorn splits his time between addressing PvMP issues here and the overall community on AC1.

Clover handles most of our content updates on and is our general 'go to' person for anythng that needs going to, regardless of franchise. She hangs around here a lot, but pops up everywhere from time to time.

I (Sapience) spend the bulk of my time gracing you all with my amazing self. If I'm needed I show up other places to help out.

Patience Is like air. She's evderywhere and we need her to survive. She's our boss and there's no telling when and where she'll show up. If you see a flying boot, it's probably too late.


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