Making a profit

In any given RPG you get this NPC whining about how poor and in debt he is. Then he makes you kill 20 of this and 20 of that for a measly reward of 20 copper or something. In LOTRO, hobbit Adso is that character. After seeing how many people were stacking in front of him returning their wolf and boar and bear hides I've had an instant image of Adso getting rich by selling all that stuff to a generic fast food joint. Who knows what them crazy NPCs are up to when we go on our merry ways...

BTW, this is probably the last of our one page - one joke -  epic comics. We are planning on starting a whole storyline and we are very excited about the whole thing. I hope you will enjoy what follows, but it might be a bit longer until the next epic comic gets published so please bear with us as we start this new and exciting journey into true, story driven, webcomic world. The casual comics will be produced as usual (I hope :).

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