LOTROster 1.2.0 available for download

LOTROster 1.2.0 is now available for download.  The main changes are the addition of icons for Profession and Level fields, more configuration options for fields that can contain icons, and support was added for a few more forum/CMS platforms.

Here's the detailed list of changes:

  • NEW: Profession and level icons.
  • NEW: Fields with icons can now be shown as: Text Only, Icons + text (like before) and Icons Only.
  • NEW: You can now replace the default LOTRO rank names with custom ones.
  • NEW: New template fields: "rankname" (combined rank icon + character name), "level" and  "classlevel" (combining class+level, like "class" used to do).  "class" now only displays the class without the level.
  • NEW: Authentication support for Invision Power Board 2.3.x, SMF 2.0 and Drupal 6.
  • IMPROVED: Optional row highlighting - edit css/lotroster.css and see the note there on how to enable it.
  • IMPROVED: The menu entries for the three extra stat pages can now be renamed
  • IMPROVED: All columns and header text are now left-aligned for consistency.
  • IMPROVED: popup tooltips when hovering over icons
  • IMPROVED: Verbose logging now logs when starting and ending an offline update
  • IMPROVED: Will now refer to your guild as either a Kinship or a Tribe where appropriate.
  • IMPROVED: More robust template handling.
  • IMPROVED: Reports and logs if data.lotro.com is down for maintenance rather than just report a failure to update.
  • FIXED: Swapped decimal and thousands separators in the charts percentages
  • FIXED: Added missing "level" sort option on the dropdown menu.
  • FIXED: Vocation and race icons couldn't be disabled in the configuration.
  • FIXED: PHP notice if pvmprank icons were disabled.
  • FIXED: Corrupted log entry if data.lotro.com is down.

Project website: http://www.lostrealm.ca/lotroster
Live demo: http://www.lostrealm.ca/lotrosterdemo

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