Lotro WEATHERSTOCK on Landroval server

Weatherstock is a concert of Epic proportions held on the summit of Amon Sul on June 12th, 7pm EST, Landroval server. There will be a dance area, lots of ale and pipeweed to consume and for the first time hope tokens for a candle effect will be passed out. If you want to participate the first step is to make band registration but you also have to fulfill some minimum requirements:

1) Performed in public as a band before
2) Be familiar with the abc system and using /play sync
3) Commit to playing anytime during the 3 hour event

Each band will have a 3 song/10 minute time slot to perform. In addition, each band may return to the stage for an encore if the audience reaction is favorable enough.


Security will be provided by Lonely Mountain Band for the duration of the event. Any who need escort through the dangerous lonelands should contact one of the security staff. Transportation will be provided from South Bree and the Forsaken Inn.  Should you need assistance Verdic is in charge of the security detail.

Graphics and Lag

Come to Weatherstock with your graphics turned to low before you reach the summit. You will be surprised what 100 characters in all their armor can do to even the mightiest of GPUs.

Some hints:

  • Reduce resolution
  • Turn off shadows
  • Reduce draw distance
  • Turn off on-hit combat effects
  • Take off your hat! (They are usually graphically complex objects)
  • No campfires or fireworks are allowed at the summit of Amon Sul except by official LMB stage crew.
  • Please refrain from "Forced" emotes, such as the Minstrels Irrestible Dance, Captains kneel, Burglar's Sneeze, or Champions cheer. It contributes to lag and causes systems to freak out.


There will be 3 prizes awarded:

Light in the Darkness
This prize will be presented to the band who inspires the most participants to raise "hope" tokens immediately after their performance.
Lonely Mountain Cup

The Lonely Mountain Cup will be awarded to the band judged winner by a panel of Lonely Mountaineers.
Free People's Choice
This is the most coveted prize, as the free peoples of Eriador will elect a winner at the end of the concert. All bands will return for a final number, while the free peoples show their preferences by standing with the band they believe should win.


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