Lotro Patch Notes Volume 3 Book 1

The LOTRO Game Servers will be brought down on Wednesday, April 21 from 6:00AM - 10:00AM Eastern (-5 GMT) for an update to the game. Patch notes are now available:

Happy Anniversary!

The Anniversary Token Collection event has been revamped! Tokens can now be collected throughout all of Middle-earth. Tokens will now drop from the appropriate monsters as follows:

  • Tin Token – level 1-10
  • Iron Token – Level 11-21
  • Silver Token – Level 22-32
  • Gold Token – Level 33-42
  • Platinum Token – Level 43-52
  • Ancient Silver Token – Level 53-59
  • Ancient Gold Token – Level 60-65

Note: Ancient Gold Tokens will drop for Monster Players. These can be exchanged for an Ashen Skull Box. In addition, Free Players may also exchange the Ancient Gold Tokens in the Ettenmoors. These gift boxes will have a slightly different loot pool and will include Spirit Stones as well as Cosmetic Items that will not be available in gift boxes from other vendors. Tokens and Gift Boxes have also been added to the Lottery System! Beginning April 21, check my.lotro.com often for your chance to win tokens, gift boxes and other items!

Writ of Virtue

The Writ of Virtue: This special scroll will show the Bards that you know the value of revelry and celebration! The Writ grants a passive skill that gives you a 20 percent discount with Bards all across Middle-earth. Starting on April 21st and running throughout the celebration, we’re giving all current, new and returning subscribers a special gift: the Writ of Virtue, a reward for loyalty and a steadfast heart. But you have to come to the party to get your gift; make sure to log into the game between April 21 and June 30th for this token of our appreciation. Note: You must have space available in your Character’s inventory for the writ to be granted. Please confirm that you have free space (more than one slot is recommended)available before you log out on Tuesday April 20.

The Spring Festival has returned for a limited time.

Players will be able to complete all the Spring Festival events until April 26. In addition, Will Peartree has returned and will now barter for your choice of Spring Steed or Blue Roan steed at the correct price.


The Inn League

  • Delivery quests have been revamped!
    • They're now repeatable.
    • Each quest is bestowed in a more centralized location, and does not rely upon finding each NPC out in the world.
    • Each quest now gives negative rep to the Ale Association and Vice-versa. (yeah i went there.)

Spring Festival

  • Will Peartree (the festival horse reward vendor at Hengstacer Farm) has seen the error of his ways! He now sells the Document of Mount Ownership for the correct price.
  • No more erroneous mail for completing your Spring Sprung Deed!

Summer Festival Sneak Peek

  • There is a new horse available for the summer festival: "The Pale Golden Summer Steed."
  • New rewards have been added to the Summer Festival, the Inn League faction vendors, and the Ale Association faction vendors.
  • A Spring Festival Horse Vendor will be hanging out during the SUMMER festival to extend the offer of rewards that were held up by a bug from the Spring Festival.


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