Lotro Loyalty Rewards

To qualify for the Special Offers, NA Non-Lifetime Membership Subscribers to LOTRO must maintain a paid subscription from June, 30th 2010 to the launch of LOTRO Free-to-Play (currently scheduled for Fall 2010). Lifetime Membership Subscribers must have at least one active play session per month during the Special Offers Eligibility Date. Only subscribers who meet these requirements are eligible for these offers.

  • Eligible Subscribers will automatically receive 500 free Turbine Points for each completed calendar month they remain eligible. This limited point grant starts on  June, 1st 2010 and continues until the first day of the month that LOTRO Free-to-Play becomes available to the general public.
  • In addition, Eligible Subscribers will receive 500 free Turbine Points at launch of LOTRO Free-to-Play for each LOTRO anniversary (April 24) that has elapsed since they first joined LOTRO, up to a maximum of 1,500 Turbine Points.
  • Eligible Subscribers who opted for the Founders program at the original launch of LOTRO will receive an additional 500 free Turbine Points.
  • Eligible Subscribers who are Lifetime members will also receive an additional 1,000 free Turbine Points.
  • Free Turbine Points will be automatically credited into the player’s account and will be made available for use in the LOTRO Free-to-Play Store after the launch of the LOTRO Free-to-Play service.
  • Points associated with the Special Offers have no cash value, are not transferrable, and are awarded at Turbine’s sole discretion.
  • Any points earned are accrued monthly, cannot be pro-rated, and will only be delivered to Eligible Subscribers with accounts in good standing after LOTRO Free-to-play Launches.
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