LOTRO Lottery

Turbine has announced today something special for the North American Lotro players - Try Your Luck in Middle-earth. It's still a beta feature but it's possible to get an in-game perk for each of your characters just by looking for the Lottery Widget.

Here’s how it works:

1. Log into my.lotro.com with your community login.
2. Look for the Lottery Widget (in the lefthand column by default).
3. If you are eligible for any current drawings, you may click on one to enter.

That’s it! Select any drawings your character is eligible for and then check back when the drawing is complete to see if you won. Have a lot of characters? You may find it simpler to start at one of your character pages and enter drawings there.

What Can I Win? Where Does it Go?
The LOTRO Lottery is for characters, not players. Each drawing can have a different prize. Some drawings will be random; others will grant specific rewards based on a character’s class, race, level, etc. Entries are limited to one per character per drawing. Prizes are in-game items only, have no cash value, and are dispensed at Turbine’s sole discretion. Everyone who plays LOTRO on the North American service with a character that’s accessible via my.lotro.com is able to play and win!

The First Drawing
Our initial drawing during this beta test is a daily event and will run through the end of the month. Enter your eligible characters each day and you may win an item from our extensive Lottery Loot Chest. For this drawing we’ll be awarding a level-appropriate amount of silver and two bundles of fireworks to celebrate the launch of the Lottery! Any items won will be delivered to your character via in-game mail. The Lottery widget on that character’s page will also update to show which drawings have been won. If you don’t win, simply enter the next day’s drawing for another chance.

Frequently Asked Questions

My character doesn’t show up on my.lotro.com. Can I still play?
Not with that character, but you may use (or even create) another character to play the Lottery with if you choose. We are aware that some players do not correctly appear in my.lotro.com and have an update in the works that should resolve the issue for the majority of players impacted.

How do I know if I won?
Check your in-game mail, or visit my.lotro.com the next day to see if you won!

Why did you do this?
The web team is constantly looking for fun and useful things to add to our sites so that players have something to do when they (gasp!) can’t play. Plus, as players, we think it’s pretty fun to win stuff.

Where do I report bugs / send kudos / provide destructive criticism / conflate web development with game development?
For now, we’d appreciate it if discussions of this type were in the LOTRO Lottery Feedback forum. Thanks!


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