Lotro Lifetime Subscription

Codemasters Lotro Lifetime Subscription offer is ending soon, actually it will end on the 30th June, 2010. This amazing offer for a lifetime of adventures in Middle-Earth is half priced - £75!

Don't forget that with the Lifetime Subscription you'll become VIP subscriber with all the bonuses in Lotro Free-to-Play model .


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2 Responses to Lotro Lifetime Subscription

  1. avatar TheInsider says:

    Don't waste your money, it will be FreeToPay, or more like PayToWin. Don't believe them when they tell you the store will only offer conveniences.

    • avatar Boris says:

      Actually i think the current set up has very much proved you wrong ‘mr know it all’ i’ve been vip and the new set up rocks because i have all the content and the bonus points let me acquire mirkwood at no cost.