Lotro Developer Diary: Enedwaith

For those who have been wondering about the amount of content being released with Enedwaith, here are a few highlights:

  • New contiguous landscape moving south from Eregion.
  • More quests than the North Downs (previously holding the record for most quest content outside of Moria), many heavily influenced by Old Welsh folklore and Tolkien-lore.
  • More deeds than the North Downs.
  • Twelve almost completely revised instance dungeons/raids from Shadows of Angmar, level-scaled and added to Instance Join with new rewards available at higher levels (effectively making these completely new experiences).
  • More new and unique art per square meter than Moria (relative to the space, mind you!).
  • Two new Reputation factions.
  • Small Fellowship quests.
  • A large Epic Book, including some very special instance quests.

Amon Min








Kings Way Gate

Nars Peak


The Lich Bluffs

Uch-luth Clansman


Lotro Vol3 Book2 Map


Fordirith: The first division you will enter from Eregion is named Fordirith, the Northern Watch (is named in Sindarin). The primary theme of Fordirith is the passage of the Grey Company into the South, scouting the most secret route possible. Completely new art for Dunlending Deserters and Shadow-wolves. Besides the standard landscape quest fare, Fordirith boasts two instance quests featuring the Dunlendings and Shadow-wolves.

Windfells: As players come down from the hills of Fordirith, they will find themselves in a windswept valley. New monsters in Windfells: Cuthraul, Druggavar, Cun Annun. The entire story of the Windfells leads up to a capstone instance quest beyond Gwyllion’s Gate. Besides the Draig-luth, ordinary wolves, and crebain, players will encounter several new creatures in the Windfells, complete with new art and abilities

Gloomglens: The North-South Roads runs north from Dunland through Enedwaith and into the Windfells, where it turns somewhat westward into the Gloomglens. The Gloomglens features two instance quests, including a new boss monster.

The Mournshaws are a vale of strange and gloomy trees and marshy lands, fraught with mystery. The Mournshaws are a forest haunted by the savage Cun Annun and great Wood-trolls, but also by the ghostly Elhudan. The Mournshaws feature several instance quests revolving around the Wild Huntsman and the Lords of the Forest.

Nan Laeglin: The rolling hills of Nan Laeglin are home to the Uch-luth and the now extinct Turch-luth. Nan Laeglin features a story-based instance which culminates in the success or failure of the Grey Company’s efforts in Lhanuch.

The Lich Bluffs: This grim place is a great burial ground, not unlike the Barrow-downs of Bree-land. There are three instance quests in the Lich Bluffs, two of which deal with the tragic story of the Oathbreakers who dwell here, and a third that brings forth a previously unrevealed member of an ancient order intent upon raising his terrible army.

Thror’s Coomb: In the eastern reaches of Enedwaith, nestled in the snowy arms of the Misty Mountains, lies Thror’s Coomb
From deep within the Misty Mountains, a fearsome breed of drake known as the gwiber have come forth to nest among the crags of Thror’s Coomb.
Thror’s Coomb features both solo and small fellowship content, including an instance which pits players against the Draig-luth in an effort to free the captive Algraig people.


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