LOTRO Adventurers Pack FAQ

All players can pre-order the new LOTRO Adventurer’s Pack which contains:

  • 2 character slots and one shared storage slot that allows players to share items with all of their characters on the same server for $19.99
  • the Harbinger’s Cloak which provides 8% speed boost and the Dusky Nimblefoot Goat mount for FREE!

If you're not sure what is free and what's not, and what should do multi-month and life time subscribers, take a look at the answers that we collected on the forum:

  • The cloak is exclusive to the pre-order. You'll get it in game, immediately, when you pre-order.
  • The Goat in the $39.99 package is the same goat included in the Adventurer's pack in the $19.99 offer. [source]
  • Does a person with a life time subscription get SoM free automatically or do they have to buy the Adverturer's Pack?
    You'll need to pre-order the Adventurer's Pack to get SoM for free, or you can buy it separately. But it does not come with a lifetime subscription on its own.[source]

  • You'll get SoM for free if your multi-month plan is active when Mirkwood goes live. [source]
    If you are already on a 3 month plan and renew it, you'll get Siege of Mirkwood for free. Then you'd just pay $20 for the Adventurer's Pack! [source]
  • Something about goat:
    You will need riding proficiency to use the Goat. That means you must have done the Level 35 mount quests. If you've done that, you can use the goat immediately.
    The goat is for all characters on your account. Even if you make a new character a year from now, that character will get it. [source]
    Goat: You get this when SoM Launches.[source]
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2 Responses to LOTRO Adventurers Pack FAQ

  1. avatar DancesInTrees says:

    Please note that this is the US/Turbine offer - we are still waiting to hear how Codies/Europe will be done.

    Edited on: October 2nd 2009 11:08

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