LOTRO Store Sales starting November 4th

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Starting November 4th until November 10th, 2011 Turbine is offering new Store Sales:

  • Stat Tomes (Tiers I - V) 20% OFF: 236TP
    Trolls pounding you into submission? Friends defeated because you can't heal them fast enough? Then it may be time to upgrade your character's Agility, Fate, Might, Vitality, or Will stats.
    Don't worry, there are many easy ways to upgrade these stats! Level up your character. Get better gear by completing quests, crafting, and using the auction-house. Or use permanent stat boosting tomes that are dropped by enemies or purchased through the LOTRO Store. Food and drinks acquired in-game can also provide temporary boosts to your stats.
    Check out the details on each stat tome type here:
    - Raise your maximum morale
    - Speed up morale regeneration between battles
    - Resist Wound, Fear, Disease, and Poison debuff effects
    - Decrease incoming Fire, Frost, Lightning, Acid & Shadow damage
    - Recommended for: All Classes
    - Inflict more melee damage
    - Deflect incoming attacks with an enhanced chance to block or parry
    - Withstand enemy attacks with greater resilience to common damage
    - Recommended for: Captains, Champions, Guardians, & Wardens
    - More ranged attack damage
    - Evade and parry enemy attacks
    - Increase your chance to crit and hit enemies
    - Recommended for: Burglars & Hunters
    - Fight longer with more power
    - Reduce power regeneration time between battles
    - Resist Fear effects
    - Keep teammates alive with enhanced healing abilities
    - Deal out greater tactical damage
    - Recommended for: Captains, Lore-masters, Minstrels, & Rune-keepers
    - Enhance morale & power regeneration while in-combat
    - Increase your chance to hit an enemy with Tactical skills
    - Devastate opponents with greater tactical attack damage on critical hits
    - Recommended for: Lore-masters, Minstrels, & Rune-keepers
    Store Location: Character > Stats
    Levels: All
  • Rune-keeper Class 20% OFF: 636TP
    Start A New Character of the Rune-keeper Class!

    - Great for solo or group play
    - Change your role in battle by dealing damage or healing
    - Launch deadly attacks from a distance
    - Use words of power to summon the elements
    - Benefit from amazing power regen

    Store Location: Account > Classes
    Levels: All

  • Warden Class 20% OFF: 636TP
    Start A New Character of the Warden Class!

    - Use powerful combo attacks with the unique Gambit System!
    - Swiftly block, parry, and evade your opponents!
    - Deal devastating blows & hold multiple enemies at once!
    - Restore your own morale!

    Store Location: Account > Classes
    Levels: All

  • Character Slots 20% OFF: 476TP
    Create one additional character on each game world! Ten character slots available!

    Store Location: Account > Character Slots
    Levels: All

  • Free Sample - Lesser Skill Deed Boost

  • Through November 10th, each LoTRO account gets one free lesser skill deed boost with coupon code: BXSDKE
    Accelerates the progress of class skill deeds. Every skill use that counts towards a deed will be counted twice. Unlocks the daily skill deed limit for the length of the effect.

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