Locations for the Troves and Trickery quests

We would like to thank Caderlyfor this great guide about Fall Festival - locations for the Troves & Trickery quests (updated 10/20/2010).

When you get the quest, you look for 4 people in the area with a blue ring over their head. Talk to them. They'll tell you something that gives a hint of an emote you need to do. Keep the NPC highlighted, and do the emote. If you do the right one, the NPC will be pleased. Find all 4, do the emotes, then return to the original quest giver for the reward.

1. Troves and Trickery — the Shire
2. Troves and Trickery — Bree
3. Troves and Trickery - Duillond
4. Troves and Trickery - Thorin's Hall

Shire Hobbiton Party Tree - Egbert Took - 29.9S, 71.3W - Quest Giver -
reward Hobbit Mask Token
town persons location with screenshots

1. person - 30.7S, 71.1W
(emote /shiver)
2. person  - 31.0S, 70.9W
(emote /
3. person  - 31.5S, 71.4W
(emote /burp)
4. person - 29.5S, 71.2W
(emote /pick)

Duillond (Just SE of the stable) - Gloreniel - 24.5S, 93.1W - Quest Giver -
Reward Bunny mask
town persons location with screenshots

1. person 24.1S, 93.0W -
(emote /dance)
2. person - 24.1S, 93.2W  -
(emote /eat)
3. person - 23.9S, 92.5W -
(emote /hail)
4. person - 24.6S, 92.4W -
(emote /look)

Bree-Town  - Byrony Elmwood - 24.62S, 51.54W - Quest Giver -
reward:  Man Mask Token
town persons location with screenshots

1. townperson - 30.6S, 52.0W -
(emote /scold)
2. townperson - 30.9S, 52.6W -
(emote /crazy)
3. townperson 29.9S, 51.3W -
(emote /whippitydo)
4. townperson - 31.9S, 50.6W -
(emote /no)

Thorin's Hall (Just outside AH) - Guthlad - Quest Giver -
Reward - Bucket mask
dwarves location with screenshots

1. Labourer -
(emote /whistle)
2. Dwarf in Main Hall, near hunter trainer
(emote /mock)
3. Dwarf in Maker’s Hall
(emote /drink)
Dwarf in Forging Hall
(emote /flex)

Here's what the masks look like. Thanks Durham for the screenshots!

Beaver mask

Bunny mask

Bucket mask

Pumpkin mask
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