Kinship Leveling Contest 2009

The contest is a leveling race. The kinships that level up the most and the fastest will win! Starting at noon EDT on May 21 and running through noon EDT on June 15, every new character created is tracked in a special database.

New characters earn points for their kinship by gaining levels, and you can follow your kinship's progress via a new leaderboard in the Lorebook. Only characters added to a kinship after the contest has begun can earn points. Players will need to create new characters or recruit friends to join their kinship's adventure in Middle-earth in order to earn points – existing characters do not count toward the point totals. Points will only be awarded to the first kinship a character joins during the promotion – choose wisely.

The Kinship Contest runs on all servers, and each will have its own winners. There are multiple ways of winning:

  • The kinship with the most points overall for each game world
  • The kinship with the most points per member for each game world
  • The kinship containing the single top character in each server world (based on total points gained by that member and how fast they are achieved in the event of a tie)
  • The One Kinship to Rule Them All – The Kinship with the most points overall across all servers

The winning kinships will receive pre-payment for its Kinship Hall for up to a year! Don’t have a kin hall yet? We’ll give your kin a hall and pay the upkeep for 6 months!

PLUS – The one kinship that earns the most points across all servers will receive a special badge for their page to let everyone know that they are The One Kinship to Rule Them All.


  • The rules are simple:
  • You must have an active account to participate.
  • Only new characters created during the contest count towards the earning of points
  • Points cannot be transferred from one kinship to another
  • Points cannot be transferred to another server
  • One prize per winning kinship (ie. if a kinship wins more than one event it still only gets one prize)
  • Prizes will be awarded only on the server where the winning kinship earned its points
  • All standard game rules apply – characters that get banned will not count toward the kinship totals
  • Point display on the leaderboard is for player tracking purposes only. Final winner selection will be made based on a review of the completed contest database by Turbine. Accounts which are inactive or ineligible at the end of the contest will be removed from the point total prior to winner selection.


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