If I were a dev for a day

Turbine has announced a new batch of questions. This time you should put yourself in the role of a genuine game developer and to answer some tough questions.

How it works:
Each week Turbine'll be asking you questions, and here in this thread, you can tell: What comes to mind; what you think; how you feel; etc, as it relates to the question(s) at hand.

Ground Rules:
Please read both the Ground Rules and the Forum Guidelines posts before you do anything else. These will be strictly enforced.

Question 1:
You’ve been hired as a class dev for a day. You can choose 1 existing class and assign it primary and secondary roles. Which class would you choose and what primary and secondary roles would you assign to it?

Question 2:
Everybody likes fluff (Chicken play, tag, festivals). Name three (3) kinds of Fluff you'd like to see added to LOTRO.

Question 3:
You're given the opportunity to improve the value and management of Kinships in LOTRO. What three(3) features would you add to the Kinship system to meet these goals?

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