Hero’s Guide to Hollin Gate

For generations, the Dwarves of Middle-earth have dreamt of returning to the great mansions of Khazad-dum, reopening the mines of Moria, and reclaiming their majestic, ancestral homes-and the mithril buried below them-beneath the Misty Mountains.

In the Third Age, more than one expedition has dared to brave the depths of Moria, from the doomed kin of brave Balin to the desperate Fellowship of the Ring. Some have entered Moria with plans of taming the place, others in hopes merely of passing through it alive, but all have suffered dreadful losses along the way. Now, a new expedition of hopeful Dwarves has set out to brave the deep places of the mine and its mansions and conquer the evil within. Its leaders hope to enter the legendary halls via the fabled Hollin Gate hidden amidst the cliffs and holly trees where Eregion meets the mountains, and set in the Walls of Moria.


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