Having Trouble with Drakes?

We have received reports of players having trouble with the following quests.

  • A Flight of Drakes
  • Midnight Raid
  • Seige of Barad Morlas

These are 3 person instances that can be entered via two methods.

1 - For those with the quest open, speak with the NPC and choose "Continue Quest". You need an Infused Garnet to do this. After the NPC takes the item from your inventory you'll see a "travel now" option. You'll be ready to complete the instance and receive the reward once you're finished.

2 - Players can assist others with the instance by speaking with the NPC as well. These players will see "Available Private Encounters". Choosing the correct encounter and then "travel now" will place you in the instance. Players who enter through this method will not receive credit for this quest. The NPC will not remove the infused Garnet from your inventory and you will not receive the quest rewards.

If you're trying to complete the instance, make sure you are following the correct Quest dialogue chain and the garnet is removed from your inventory. Once inside the instance you will not be able to tell if you are in as a "helper" or a quest participant.

Remember, if you don't give the NPC something he's not going to give you anything either.

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