Forochel Locations and Points of Intrest

Dear visitors, new Book 13: Doom of the Last-king continues the epic story of The Lord of the Rings Online, adds an entire new region to the world of Middle-earth - Forochel. If you can't find quest givers or some points of interest we hope this guide will help you.

We would like to thank Lukain1701 for collecting this important information.

Locations : Towns

Kauppa Kohta 3.2n 58w - Taur Orthon
Altti, Burgthryth , Cenlieg, Eija, ILma, Leithholf, Mainio, Mirja, Niko, Pasi , Santtu, Valtteri

Burgthryth - Minstrel Trainer
Pasi - Stable Master - Ost Forod , Pynti-Peldot

Pynti Peldot - 14.4n 69.7w - ita-Ma
Deorynd, Eine, Ella, Esko, Heikki, Iri, Kaj, Kimmo, Lauri, Ora

Iri - Stable Master - Ost Forod +Swift , Kauppa-Kohta , Zigilumd , Suri-Kyla

Zigilgund 9.6n 81.1w - Lansi-Ma
Eindrith, Fotri, Keli, Riki, SigRik, Tero, Thorth, WarStang, Weth

Eindrith - Stable Master - Pynti - Peldot , Suri-Kyla + Swift Travel

Suri-Kyla - 19.1n 70.8w
Emeli, Jalmari, Kaleva, Kalerva, Lalli, Mainio, Matti, Nef, Nora, Okko, Pasi, Raimo, Reginald, Sana, Tahvo, Ulla, Vainamo

Kalerva - Burglar Trainer
Lalli - Stable Master
Mainio - Guardian Trainer
Nef - Guardian
Okko - Hunter Trainer 18.9n 72.4w
Raimo - Bard
Sana - Loremaster Trainer
Tahvo - Captian Trainer
Ulla - Minstril Trainer - outside bank
Vainamo - Champion Trainer

Inside Great Hall
Vendors - Superior Craft Stations - Bank
ILta, Launo, Menikko, Vamma, Yrjana
Yrjana - Council Elder

POI - Points of Interest

* Shrine "Ice at the waters Edge" 14.5n 76.1w
* Gaurdan Traps 5.9n 75.9w "4 in area" 10n 74.8w "4 in area"
* Leijana Katin 7.1n 73.4w
* Mammoth Corpse 7.5n 85w or 80.7w
* Reflecting Pool - in Suri-Kyla
* Ore Breaking Rocks 9.9n 70.2w , 9.8n 70w , 9.5n 70.4w , 9.3n 70.3w
9.2n 70.1w , 9.6n 70.6w , 9.3n 70.9w , 9.3n 71.1w , 9.6n 71.5w
10n 71.3w , 10n 71w , 9.8n 70.5w - repeatble quest
* Beacon supply Creats 18.2n 66.7w - resupplying the beacon - tracks at 18.5n 66.3w
* Buckets of fish 16.5n 66w
* Piko Den -Lansi Mar 9.5N, 79.8W
* Territory Markers 14.6n 82.9w rest head west

Ice Reave Mines 8.9n 81.9w
Piko Den -Lansi Mar 9.5N, 79.8W

Wildesness NPC's & Mobs
Arvedui "Last King" 18.8n 81.3w
Beleganc 15.9n 84w
Mika 7.5n 80.5w
Wolverine 3.2n 59.7w
Urho - 4.1n 59.9w
Den Mother - 2.8n 60.5w
Red-Fang Behemoth 1.4n 61.2w
Raven 1.6n 60.9w
Blokk - 2.7n 59.7w
Ida 10n 69.6w
Atos - 9n 70.8w at Pynti-Leiri repeat quests
Turkka - 9n 70.8w at Pynti-Leiri repeat quests
Oiva 12.9n 66.2w - at Karhu Leiri repeat quests
Raija 12.9n 66.2w - at Karhu Leiri repeat quests
Tapio 18.2n 81.3w at Hylje - Leiri "Repeat Quests"
Jyrki 18.2n 81.3w at Hylje - Leiri "Repeat Quests"
Vaino - 8.0n 79.0w - at Norsu-Leiri Repeat Quests
Sampo - 8.0n 79.0w - at Norsu-Leiri Repeat Quests
Reginalds Missing Hearld 14.8n 65.3w baner at 15.2n 66.6w
Olavi 17.5n 64.5w
Silvan Thirty Count - 0.9n 59.9w
Feoc 10.2n 71.8w
Altti 7.4n 75.4w
Burgthryth 7.4n 75.4w +minstrel trainer
Niko 7.4n 75.4w

Barad Gaurhoth - 12.0N, 82.8W
Hammastus-pesa - 4.1N, 59.9W
Hylje-leiri - 18.8N, 81.3W
Ja-reitti - 8.0N, 66.4W
Jotunstath - 15.0N, 87.0W
Karhu-leiri - 12.9N, 66.3W
Kibilzahar - 2.2N, 85.0W
Korkea-jarvi - 2.9N, 58.9W
Kuru-leiri - 19.5N, 83.8W
Kylje-leiri - 18.2N, 81.3W
Leijona-kotin - 6.8N, 73.3W
Metsasta-sija - 1.8N, 61.0W
Naky-kolo - 26.6N, 84.7W
Norsu-hauta - 8.0N, 80.8W
Norsu-leiri - 8.0N, 78.9W
Pynti-leiri - 8.8N, 70.5W
Suri-kyla - 19.5N, 72.0W
The Ironspan - 17.0N, 59.3W
The Lonesome Stones - 13.6N, 74.4W
Tuli-mait - 0.7S, 59.8W
Vesi-paista - 14.4N, 0.0E

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