Fellowship Maneuvers and Old Forest wolves

Dear visitors we have released new LOTRO guide and improved one of our pages.

- The Fellowship Maneuvers (also known as Fellowship Combos) page has been updated with new information introducing a list of all the conjunctions we could find and some more descriptions on the matter.

- Although we do not intend on becoming a LOTRO database site we do want to provide you with some guides and help in solving things we find a bit harder to grasp or solve. In that quest of ours we have released our first little quest guide for the Quest: Forest Wolves . When we first made the comic about the Old Forest Wolves the response we got had one thing in common - and that is that this was the first time most people ever saw that many wolves in one place. So we went out and combed the Old Forest for you and recorded the locations of all the wolves we stumbled upon.

Hope you enjoy these additions to our site.

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