EU LOTRO official events calendar begins

Taken from the EU forums:

"As we approach the one-month anniversary of the game's launch, we're delighted to announce the commencement of our live, in-game events.

To kick off with a bang, starting Thursday 24th May, a 4-day long series of events will commence. Across all servers and in all languages, events are planned for all levels in a multitude of locations across Middle-earth.

The overriding theme for anniversary event is the celebration of "Forelithe" (the month before midsummer) and the different programme of activities will include plots and sub-events that form part of those festivities.

To keep abreast of what events are happening on which days and which servers, please be sure to visit our new events forum. One section is for the news and announcements and the other is for you to discuss any aspect of in-game events and we particularly welcome your suggestions and ideas for events you would like to see!

Additionally, please note that the events will also be announced on our website events page which can be found here:

We hope you can all attend at least one of the events over the next week whether it's the Role-play, the rescue, escorting, partying, good versus evil and of course feasting, there will certainly be something for everyone!

See you in Middle-earth!"

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