Epic Comic release imminent

Whether you think that we have become lazy or not (for the lack of new content in the past few days) here is a little preview of our next epic comic. The full version in all its glory should be made available very soon. The site changes are almost 100% as well so we should be making a few very nice announcements very soon.

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2 Responses to Epic Comic release imminent

  1. avatar Azimov says:

    Announcements like the existance of a new forum mayhaps? ;D

    Will the comics link straight to the forum thread for them in future ala GU, or will there be seperate coments on the site and in the forum?

    Wouldnt let me post a reply there, guess that doesnt get switched on till you ready ;)

  2. avatar Beleglin says:

    The cross posting functionality is still not in place but I am working hard on implementing it - hope I get something done over the weekend