Early content for Siege of Mirkwood

Berephon has made a new post in MyLotro about some early content for Siege of Mirkwood.

I had produced 19 new quests in Fanuidhol, targeting the 4 largest Orc-encampments.The first quest sends the player to aid two Elves who each ask you to patrol 4 of the 8 Orc-camps in Fanuidhol. Upon completion of these quests, you can simultaneously undertake a series of 4 kill x, 4 collection, and 4 summoned boss quests, which then open up 4 daily repeatable quests which combine the kill x and collection quests.

The best news is that they reward players with Item XP, Galadhrim barter items, cash, and most importantly Galadhrim Reputation, without having to deliver flowers to the denizens of Lothlorien! These quests will become available with the release of the Siege of Mirkwood digital expansion. Hope you enjoy!


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