Dev Chat – Book 12 & GOLD EDITION

  • In Book 12 we're looking to add support for rotating decorations. Also, we're adding more trophy decorations--even some that you can only get by defeating certain bosses. In Book 12 you can also see whose home it is. (Though we will give you an option to not to show your name if you want to be private)
  • In Book 12 we are planning to offer a number of options for cosmetic outfits. If you like a hat or robe, but don't like the stats, you would be able to display that hat but really wear another for their bonuses. That and a few other cosmetic options are coming along.
  • Regarding new zones, we are not planning any new landscape additions. We will be aiding the content team in a region-wide polish pass on Angmar. The World team is also heavily into the development of our next new landscape region, but that region will not be available for Book 12.
  • We aren't planning to add house pets in Book 12, but there are a lot of people here who like pets...
  • In the "Month of the Burglar" we're looking to add a bunch of skills enhancing or reinforcing many of those areas. For example, we're going to add "Fellowship Manoeveur" response skills that Burglars can use after their group pulls off a successful FM. Also, we're looking into a skill that would let you take a friend into Stealth with you... with some restrictions.
  • In our new Gold Edition box which is launched next week, one of the exclusive items in the box will be a new mount with different stats! The mount included as part of the Gold Edition box will be awarded when players reach level 25. The mount in the Gold Edition box is exclusive to that box, so you can only get it by getting the Gold Edition. The horse is free. The Gold Edition will contain: 45 days' free game time, the mount as discussed earlier, a welcome mat for your home, five scented candles and a lucky horsehoe!
  • Champion will see some new skills and updates to existing skills in Book 12
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