Defeating the Balrog

If you want to fight the Balrog you will be defeated. You are not meant to fight him, you are meant, as you are instructed, to flee. When the miner says stay put, do it. The Balrog will walk toward you and the tunnel will clear. If you want a closer look you will be stomped 🙂

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4 Responses to Defeating the Balrog

  1. avatar Prowlinger says:

    Thanks for the tips. It would be very nice if someone could make a guide for getting your first legendary item. Here is why… me and a few buddies are still only on book 10 and didn't want to rush to Volume 2 in Moria just yet… but if there is a guide that explains how to get the legendary weapon then we can zip back to V1/Book 10… that would be awesome. Maybe it is more of a chore than not… regardless.. cya in the mines!

  2. avatar misadlouhy says:

    You can get legendary items only if you complete Book 1 of Volume 2. As a reward you will recieve your first legendary weapon (chapter 9 i guess) and at the end of the book also Legendary class item + you will be able to enter Moria.

    To start Volume 2 book 1 go to Eregion to The Wall of Moria location. After that you can use Legendary items in any SoA location and you can also drop legendaries from mobs in Eregion and sell/buy them on AH.

  3. avatar Prowlinger says:

    3 of us did this last night… I was the fortunate one to have remembered this note here about the Balrog… Sadly my comrades Pewka and Gofightwyn didn't make such choices and became pancakes under the flaming Balrog feet!

    (Turbine needs to change the wording of "Escape from the Balrog" to something like "Don't move or the Balrog will eat you too!"

  4. avatar Pewka Aleheaver says:

    I disagree.. the quest should be titled "How to sit on your arse and quiver while the Balrog approaches, and hope for a deus ex machina to save you."