Cost of Lotro points (free-to-play model)

New Lotro Beta Free-to-Play model starts June 16 on Bullroarer test server. Bullroarer server will be closed to everyone who is not in the beta test (Turbine will reconfigure Bullroarer to suit its needs).

Aside from talking about the new benefits, latest interviews, boycott and other information, one question arises: how much will Turbine points cost for Lotro Free-to-Play model? Yes we know that we have to wait for the beta to start and then the NDA to be lifted before this information becomes available, but can we make any assumptions?


Turbine DDO also has a store, and as such uses Turbine points already. If we assume that Turbine Points will cost the same in both games we should take a look at the list from the DDO store:

420 Points 400 Turbine Points (+ 20 Bonus Points) to use in the DDO Store $6.50
1,550 Points 1,200 Turbine Points (+ 350 Bonus Points) to use in the DDO Store $19.50
2,500 Points 1,820 Turbine Points (+ 680 Bonus Points) to use in the DDO Store $29.50
5,000 Points 3,100 Turbine Points (+ 1,900 Bonus Points) to use in the DDO Store $49.99

DDO also has sales on a regular basis so you can get points at a reduced rate. If you are interested in the prices of consumables such as potions, items, gear or equipment follow the link to the DDO Store Guide.

Latest Update:
[Q] If I were a monthly subscriber in the beta, would I get the option to have the money spent on beta points go against my subscription fee instead?
[A - Patience] Because of the way the Store and account system are handled, it's not possible to have it work that way. Subscriptions are handled by our billing system and point purchases and transactions are handled through an outside vendor that's integrated via the in-game Store.

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