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"Helen of Troy awakes just before dawn to the sound of air raid sirens."

Is that a good start of a book or what?! I started reading Dan Simmons' Olympos again. It's a sci-fi epic that sets the battle of Troy in an alternative universe. The imagination this guy has is almost unmatched by any other so if you get a chance to get a hold of Ilium (the start of the story) and Olympos you will not regret it.

In LotRO related news - US and their lorebook have been extended with Google Maps functionality. The official info goes like this:

"We're pleased to bring you a brand new LOTRO Lorebook feature – LOTRO Google maps! Use this feature to add detailed maps, plot quest paths, and mark locations in your Lorebook entries, or just explore the game from a bird’s eye perspective.

Visit our Editing Maps section for tips on getting started. For a taste of what LOTRO Google Maps can do, check out Frodo’s Path to Rivendell!"

Weathertop radio has their 12th podcast available discussing the upcoming Book 10 free expansion. Their Event Calendar is also full of player run events on all US servers so if you like some quality RP time check it out here.

LotroVault even has some screenshots from Book 10. opened up their YouTube group for LotRO videos. You can check out the announcement here.

That would be all for this slow Saturday. Have a great weekend all.

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