Changes to new Lotro stat Finesse

Today Graalx2 has revealed some new facts about Lotro stat Finesse:

We recently changed the way Finesse is applied to Block/Parry/Evade. Finesse is now converted to a percentage and then the percentage is applied to the target's BPE. It no longer subtracts directly from the rating.
Say you have 2937 finesse. This converts to 9% (using the handy chart posted earlier, no idea if its correct but let's use those numbers for now). Finesse uses the same ratings to percentage conversion as Block/Parry/Evade.
You attack a target with 1226 (4%) Block rating, 1226(4%) Parry rating and 1226(4%) Evade rating.
The target will Block 1% of the time 4-(9/3) = 1%.
The target will Parry 1% of the time.
The target will Evade 1% of the time.


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