Burglar Tips for New Lotro Players

Every Lotro player has his favorite class that fits him perfectly. If you are also creative and not afraid to try different things you'll be able to discover amazing moments of this beautiful game which will help you to completely understand your class. When you reach experience of thousands of hours of gaming it's time to share your tips and tricks with new players. Today, we talk about Burglar class through several tips and tricks:

  1. Don't just run in and melee. You need to set up your attacks before you strike
  2. Use provoke as much as possible when a target is on the tank, especially in the beginning of the battle.
  3. Don't forget to HIPS every 10 minutes to get your leafwalker trait
  4. Try to educate yourself on Fellowship Maneuvers
  5. Provoke and counter defense are good low cost skills to fill out a rotation.
  6. Traited counter defense is also a huge dps boost. Not only does it leave most enemies unable to block/parry/evade, it also raises your chance to crit that enemy
  7. Watch out for the animation times.
  8. Use judgement with your bleed skills.
  9. Most of your crit response skills eat a lot of power.
  10. Exploit Opening is not just for starting FMs. When playing solo it is also a useful stun to let you get behind your target for a couple seconds.
  11. Cooked food and trail food are your friends, along with power and moral potions
  12. Use two weapons at all times.
  13. Craft or buy at AH throwing daggers or axes.
  14. Enter mischief if you expect to be in a prolonged battle. Riddle and mischief mode combined are one of the most potent combos available.
  15. Read the forums and learn from the experience of the Burglars that have come before you. Some of these people have answers to questions you'll never even think to ask.


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