Book 7 Guardian Changes

Alright, Guardians of Middle-earth, it's your turn!
I have spoken with your development team, and they've given me some pearls of wisdom regarding upcoming changes in Book 7.
"Tell us Turbine!" you cry. "Prepare to be told," we reply.

Anyway, there's some good stuff coming for you all in Book 7, but here are the tidbits we thought you'd be most excited about.

  • Guardian threat generation skills (Bash, Engage, Fray the Edge, Shield-blow, Improved Shield-blow, Shield-swipe, Shield-taunt, Sweeping Cut, and Vexing Blow) will have the threat they generate increased!
  • Litany of Defiance will provide increased threat generation.
  • All instant threat and threat-over-time effects have had their critical multiplier increased. Yes, your threat can critical!
  • There will be an overall reduction in monster resists, so your taunt skills will now work more reliably.

This is far from a complete list of the changes that are coming, but we hope you'll enjoy what we've given you so far. Thanks for your patience, and remember, we're always reading!


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