Book 7 Changes

The Lord of the Rings Online Team Turbine, Inc.

  • We do release new regions with our Book updates from time to time. Book 7, as has been discussed previously, is all about wrapping up Lothlorien. I don't know when official details will be announced regarding the particulars of Book 7 will occur but it wouldn't surprise me if information started to trickle out in the near future.
  • I don't think we have any interim bug/hotfix patches planned between now and release of Book 7. But - if something seriously destabilizing occurs that needs resolution, it is not entirely out of the question.

Zombie Columbus
The Lord of the Rings Online Team Turbine, Inc.

Here is a teaser of some of the work going into RK's for Book 7...

  • Re-namable Rune's of Restoration!
  • More DPS for low level RK's
  • Fixing broken traits
  • Improved Lightning sound FX
  • New ranged slot item (will NOT give a ranged auto attack, only stats)
  • A way to shift attunement faster
  • More tactical resistance penetration
  • Legacy damage increases
  • A few small nerfs (hey, it happens )

I'd like to thank the RK community, I've enjoyed reading your comments and feedback. The discussions have been very civil and many people have used actual evidence or examples to support their claims! I will be writing up a more comprehensive list of changes as Book 7 aproaches, and as testing refines the modifications. Remember, this is a teaser and is subject to change.

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