Book 7 Beta Caras Galadhon

Caras GaladhonHellfanger is back with some new screenshots of Book 7, Lorien, Caras Galadhon, new classes sets and much much more!
While we are making new Book 7 guides and galleries we hope this screenshot of beautiful Caras Galadhon will tickle your fancy 🙂 Enjoy!

Caras Galadhon Gallery

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4 Responses to Book 7 Beta Caras Galadhon

  1. avatar Rupture says:

    the beta is out?

  2. avatar Subotai says:

    Will you need to have finished book 6 to enter Lorien? Anyone know?

  3. avatar Uladar says:

    When will you let us see the new screenshots of Book 7?

  4. avatar Silriel says:

    @Uladar - I hope very soon :)

    @Subotai - The only thing that is confirmed about Book 7 is that Book 7 can be done completely without a group.

    Edited on: February 26th 2009 08:39