Annual Harvest Festival Begins!

Codemasters Online and Turbine, Inc. announce the details of the first annual Harvest Festival in The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™, the hit MMO that has taken Europe and North America by storm. The Harvest Festival, the second of many planned seasonal celebrations in Middle-earth, will offer players a variety of quests, vendors and events to highlight this special time of year.

"The Harvest Festival is the second of many seasonal events that we have planned for The Lord of the Rings Online," said Jeffrey Steefel, Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings Online. "These festivals coupled with content updates demonstrate our commitment to delivering the best online experience for our subscribers through a fun, compelling and evolving game."

Players can celebrate throughout Middle-earth from October 26th to November 12th by interacting with special vendors, earn unique items and participate in quests designed just for the Harvest Festival including:

  • Horse Racing – Players can compete against each other in a horse race! Winners will receive a horse race token that can be used to purchase the Harvest Festival Horse. Go to Bree Land - HorseFields and take your chance.
  • Games of Chance – The Harvest Festival will host four games of chance. Players can bob for apples in the Shire or try geode picking with the Dwarves in the Torin's Hall, or try picking the Scrolls with Elves in Duillend in Ered Luin, or picking the pumpkins with Men in the Bree land  to earn Harvest Festival tokens that can be used to buy special festival items.
  • Harvesting the Crop – This new collection of quests enables players to harvest the crops they planted during the Summer Solstice Festival in June and earn a special item for their house.
  • Dancing – There will be dancing quests with new race-specific dance emotes as a reward.

Have fun in our autumn celebration!

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