Alynora Airlines

Alynora Airlines
by Alynora

Welcome to Alynora Airlines, your premier traveling companion, the only way to fly!

We have full service Destination Points as follows:

Michel Delving : Service Available (We never tire of the Shire)
Thorin's Hall : Service Available (See the sights, see the ruins, all in Ered Luin)
Ost Guruth : Service Available (Defeat goblin bands in the Lone Lands)
Bree : Service Available (Bree, the only place to be)
Esteldin : Service Available (Don't frown, we'll get you to the North Downs )
(The best gowns are made in the North Downs)

Tinnudir: Service Available (Take a swim in Evendim)
Aughaire: Service Available (Don't despair, go to Aughaire)
Rivendell: Service Available (Lost in the Misty Mountains? Got a case of the Trollshaws? Visiting Elrond's resort? We'll help you!)

Return to Camp : Service Available
(Location variable, dependent on Alynora Airlines current camp location:
Now in
Carn Dum - Angmar)

Specialty services:

Desperate Flight
In the event of danger, escape to a nearby rally point is available!
Only available if a captain has set one up prior to the battle!

Find the Path
If you see leaves from your feet, you know you are fleet!
Adds 15.0% to Run speed, as long as you stay in range of Alynora Airlines.
This service is not available during combat or to those riding horses.

Bright Campfire:
Accelerated healing and regeneration during combat if a campfire is placed before battle!
Add a cozy touch to all your adventures!

Tips for Traveling with Alynora Airlines:

  • Travelling rations normally provided, however in the case of an outage, please be prepared to supply your own meal.
  • Travelling comes at a cost of 2 travel rations per group one way = ~4s at a local grocer
  • Departures will be announced, all those within a certain range within the fellowship will be transported, so if you do not plan on joining, please make sure to step away! For those traveling please be sure to fasten your seatbelts and follow any safety instructions given before flight.
  • Alynora Airlines takes no liabilities in accidental/unintended travel. All members wishing to travel receive a gump that allows them to choose to travel or not. There are no emergency exits available unlike the emergency dismount available with horse travel.

Thank you for choosing Alynora Airlines, and we hope you have a pleasant journey.

Alynora Airlines is a not a registered trademark. It is a completely fictitious name. Current map home location is Esteldin.

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